Importance of Kshetra Mahima : Sri Hanumath Puram temple is located around with Green & Paddy field, near surrounded with great Sobhanachala Hills(Narasimha Hills). With a Peaceful location where sunrise & sunset is seen beautifully, the temple is far from Sound & Air Pollution. Where one can meditate and get rid from the mental tension and had a real Divya Darshan of Bhakta Hanuman here. Most of the is surrounded with Vedic Vanas like Parijatha, Bilva, Swetharka, Kardalli Vanam, Tulasi Brindavanam, Rudraksha, Srichandana Chempaka punnaga kadamba & so many aeromatic flowers in and around the temple premises. Where everyone can sense the smell of Devotion and good health in time being.


Amrutha kundam:A sweet watered well is located at north east (Eeshanya) of the temple where one can observed the sweetness and power of the water when they drink. Whole the year in Summer also the water will come from well very sweetly. Whereas , the surrounding borewell water in the paddy field are very salty. So, many people around the village came here in summer to take drinking water as it never dry. People pray it as Jala Durga.



Morning 7.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Evening 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM

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